Heavy Equipment Leasing

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eavy equipment can be expensive. Bulldozers, graders, excavators, compactors, cranes, bulldozers and dump trucks don’t come cheap; they are big, but important, investments in your business. No matter if it’s a mini excavator, a D9 Dozer, or a dump truck, Wyatt Leasing understands that every piece of equipment is vital.

As a national leader in heavy equipment leasing, we can offer you a great rate and a flexible terms. With more than 25 years experience in the industry, and with clients around the country, we’ve become experts in the financing and leasing of this equipment. We will help you understand the various leasing and financing options and figure out which is best for you.

Heavy Equipment Leasing FAQS

Q: I have a new project and I need a new excavator. I don’t want to put any money down though, can you help me?
A: Yes we can! We can structure a lease or finance agreement to allow you to acquire the dozer with very little or even $0 down.

Q: What is the oldest equipment I can lease?
A: We don’t have an age limit! We’ve even financed trucks & other equipment from the 60’s!

Q: What is the longest term you offer?
A: This will depend on several factors but the longest term we currently offer is 84 months; however, most equipment falls into the 36-72 month range.

Q: Do I have to buy from a dealer?
A: Nope. We work with both dealers and private sellers.

Q: Do I have to buy from a dealer you work with?
A: Nope. You can buy from any dealer you choose.

What is a commercial lease?

Transportation companies and drivers often use leases and loans as financing options for their heavy equipment. However, the two products differ in several important respects.

  • An heavy equipment lease is an agreement allowing a lessee to utilize the equipment in exchange for making payments. In many cases, a lease allows you to deduct the full monthly payment instead of the interest and depreciation expense you take on a typical loan.
  • A finance agreement allows a borrower to pay back a set amount plus interest in exchange for ownership of the equipment over a set period of time. We also offer heavy equipment financing.

Often, lease agreements include a ‘residual’ offer that allows the borrower to purchase the equipment at the conclusion of the agreement for a small fraction of its original price.

Long Term Leases

Heavy equipment typically has a long life so we offer the option to pay it off over the long term with terms up to 72 months. Our terms are flexible; just let us know what works best for you.

Why Wyatt?

  • Flexible Terms
  • No application fees
  • Highly competitive rates
  • New & used equipment
  • Same day to 24 hour approvals
  • $0 down


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